What 4chan TV is the Best Image Board in the US

4chan TV

Made by a lot of 4chan TV regulars from Something Awful’s anime subforum and dispatched in 2003, it fills in as an English-language rendition of Futaba Channel. Is an Image Board in the US that hosts sheets devoted to pretty much every summed up subject you can consider (and a couple of particular subjects, too), which are named/[a letter or letter string showing what the board is about].

4chan TV is the beginning stage for about a large portion of the images in the different subpages of the Memetic Mutation article. Answerable for, in addition to other things, the making of the Rules of the Internet, and is the Trope Maker for Rickroll and 4chan TV as far as anyone knows for Rule 34.

Works Made on 4chan TV

  • Adeptus Evangelion
  • The Ballad of Edgardo
  • Sound 12 Monster Girls
  • Ben Drowned (the creepypasta was initially posted on the/x/Paranormal board.)
  • Dark Adventures, from/VP/, 4chan TV devoted Pokémon board.
  • Carrot Cake Storybook
  • Dorf Quest
  • Prisons: The Dragonling
  • El Cafe du Watchog
  • Elfslayer Chronicles
  • Embrace of Wulfhammer’s Castle
  • Goliath Guardian Generation
  • Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest
  • Kamen Rider Hour Of The Void
  • Katawa Shoujo
  • The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra
  • LOLCats
  • Nonconformist Hunter Quest
  • Metastock
  • Magia Revolution
  • Musou Verse
  • Elderly person Henderson
  • Pokequest
  • Angry pics
  • Return of the Primarchs
  • Ride Alone Complex
  • Ruby Quest
  • SCP Foundation, initially from 4chan’s/x/(paranormal) board as a Creepypasta, later moved off to its own site.
  • Showderp
  • Storybooks Magically Lewd Sleepover Adventure
  • Strike Witches Quest
  • Super Robot Wars Quest
  • The Tale of Solaron
  • Stories of the Emperasque
  • That Guy Destroys Psionics
  • Warhammer High
  • Zeon Quest
  • Sayings utilized on 4chan
  • Human Personification
  • Board-tans, who all live in a house together and get along fairly.
  • Certain sheets have strings about exemplifications of things identified with the board, for example, Console-tan Tuesdays on/v/.

Chronicle Panic

The 4chan TV Archives. At whatever point a string becomes thought of as “epic” on 4chan, it very well may be cast a ballot to go to the Archives. Pretty much every board has a part in said Archives. Each page has around ten strings on it, and page numbers shift from a couple to the notorious/b/’s area, which, most definitely, is enormous. Additionally note that Epic Fail Guy minutes, images, and different classifications get their own segments, and you’ve recently taken out a decent lump of your available energy attempting to peruse them all. Gracious, and there’s in every case more coming in. Partake in your lulzy jail…

Control Box:

The/tg/board will in general utilize control bars with “Apostasy!” composed on them when they trouble too.

A regularly utilized blue pencil box is one that says, “Oopsies! Can’t show that in a Christian manga!”

Country star: Kekistan is an anecdotal Central Asian nation made by the site’s clients.

Advanced Piracy Is Evil: Imperial Commissar Fuclaw from/tg/might want to remind you◊: downloading unlawful MP3s is HERESY.

Undermined Meme: The pattern of foreseeing a post number consummation in duplicates on a couple of sheets got old to mods preferably sooner than it did to banners. On loads up, for example,/b/and/v/, the last three digits of the post number were shut out by X’s as to make it harder to find out whether duplicates were accomplished (and to keep the worker from slamming so seriously 4chan TV the following time the load up hit another hundred million posts). At the point when this didn’t frustrate banners endeavoring to anticipate their post number, throughout the long term it was eliminated.

In Another Crisscross

The mods in the long run got so tired of/v/and/VG/’s names that each post that would have finished in the last two numbers coordinating jumped to the closest arrangement of numbers that didn’t. It appeared to have at last worked…until programs started anticipating the last number of their post as it were.

Void Piles of Clothing: When Harold Camping pronounced that the Rapture would occur on the 21 of May 2011, an undertaking on 4chan TV urged banners to rise and shine early and spread out void heaps of garments (as well as Smoldering Shoes) to crack individuals out.

Cushioned the Terrible: Commissar Dan, Warhammer 40,000 person from/tg/, has a pet Basilisk (a self-pushed weapon, which he utilizes as a cutting edge tank) called “Cushy”.

Combination Fic:

Dread and Loathing in Ba Sing Se. Indeed, Avatar and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Another is Avatar and Batman, with Sokka as “Wolfbatman”, and gives some genuinely shocking fanart of post-Villainous Breakdown Azula as the Joker from The Dark Knight. Then, at that point, 4chan TV there’s the Super Robot one that has Aang guiding Gurrang Lagann and Getter Momo with Sokka in the Wang Fightgar.

Each and every subject on/a/+ is an Alternate Universe, and the bounty will undoubtedly be a combination. Gendercide: One DnD story posted on/tg/included a sociopathic, misandrist tie fling poet influencing an elven sovereign into nearly doing this prior to being This model contains a YMMV passage. It ought to be moved to the YMMV tab. killed by the party’s (male) brute and (female) warrior. Ghostapo: This documented string. It really includes the expression “Australian witch specialist exceptional powers”.

How the Character Stole Christmas:

  • /co/has created “How the Rorschach Stole Christmas” and “How Larfleeze Stole Christmas”
  • /a/has created How the Battler took Witches.
  • Crazy Proprietor:/tg/made Crazy Hassan, a crazy camel owner who springs up in implausible areas to sell players marginally utilized camels.
  • Knight in Sour Armor:/tg/examines this and Knight in Shining Armor is finally here. (caution: fairly NSFW)
  • Bedding Tag Gag: Colonel Quaritch doesn’t give a fuck◊.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Ball of Arms Man. He is in a real sense zillions of arms developing from a gateway to the Elemental Plane of Arms.
  • Underwear Thief: One of/tg/joke characters is Jeanstealer — a genestealer with a jean obsession.

Screamer Prank

The Creepypasta is called “The .gif”. It’s around one of these on 4chan TV, that seems as though a smiley face made out of a mouth and eyes cut out of a magazine and set on a yellow circle. Following a moment, it transforms into a frowny face and lets out an ear-parting, blood-coagulating shout, and fast flames a lot of appalling symbolism. Then, at that point, it shuts your program. Individuals who watch it completely are discovered dead with a smiley face attracted blood close to them. Notwithstanding, in a banality’ turn, the administrators eliminated it and prohibited the individual who put it up. Notwithstanding, the ‘pasta cautions it very well may be on different destinations…

That is No Moon!:/m/composed a Science Fantasy universe where the neighborhood planetary group’s sun was encircled by a monster Dyson Ring that was really an enormous winged serpent that bit itself in the tail. This is as of now the biggest illustration of this saying on this page. /m/does don’t think little. This Is a Work of Fiction: The/b/board has one of these: The tales and data posted here are creative works of fiction and lie. Just a blockhead would take anything posted here as truth.

Umbrella Drink

One particularly noteworthy string on/m/had different banners thinking of plans for Gundam and other Humongous Mecha-themed mixed drinks.  In particular, you need it to conceal the mixed drink Weiner.

Chris “Unsettled” Poole has left Google five years after his recruiting caused ripple effects. Poole is most popular as the “kid virtuoso” who made one of the web’s soonest and most scandalous informing sheets, 4chan. Poole held a few distinct jobs inside the organization during his five years, beginning at its web-based media arm and at the end playing a job in Google Maps.

Chris Poole

Who established questionable online local area 4chan TV prior to joining Google in 2016, has left the pursuit goliath in the wake of bouncing among a few gatherings inside the organization, CNBC has learned.

Poole’s last authority day at Google was April thirteenth, as per an inward archive saw by CNBC, which portrayed his last job as an item director. Frequently, worker shares connected to employing vest at the five-year point, however, it’s hazy in case that is a justification Poole’s flight now. Poole didn’t react to different solicitations for input.


Who passes by the moniker “Unsettled,” established 4chan TV in 2003 at age 15. It developed into one of the most persuasive and questionable online networks to date. Drifter broadly considered him a kid virtuoso and the “Imprint Zuckerberg of the online underground.”

4chan TV turned into an early web shelter for almost liberated free discourse. Yet, over the long haul, it confronted analysis for facilitating programmers, revolting symbolism, provocation, and spilled data — frequently focusing on ladies and minority gatherings — and turned into the objective of various claims, just as FBI summons for dangers of savagery presented on the site, as indicated by reports. In 2015, Poole declared his retirement from running 4chan TV and offered the webpage to Japanese web business visionary Hiroyuki Nishimura for an undisclosed sum.

Poole Uncovered in 2016 That he’d Joined Google as a Continuation of His Work

And in a now-eliminated post, expressed he’d utilize his “experience from twelve years of building on the web networks” and “fill in manners one basically can’t all alone.” He joined as item supervisor in the photographs and streams unit, which regulated person-to-person communication endeavors under VP Bradley Horowitz at that point. That started theory that the organization employed him to assist it with redoing its web-based media desires, some of which meant to rival Facebook.

Poole bounced between a few unique jobs during his five years. At a certain point, he purportedly turned into an accomplice at Google’s in-house fire-up hatchery, 4chan TV Area 120, which was simply making headway in 2016. He then, at that point turned into an item administrator in Google’s Maps division, as indicated by Crunchbase.


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