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Ritsuka Uenoyama is one of the principal heroes of the Given anime. He is a secondary school understudy and has a guitar ability regardless of being only a high schooler. Is a guitarist with a solid attitude and would run over Mafuyu Sato.

Has short dark hair that leaves his ears noticeable and his periphery separated in a manner that leaves a portion of his temple visible? Ritsuka wears easygoing clothing with garments incorporating a white undershirt with a dim unfastened coat that he has unfastened over the top. He additionally wears dim pants and white shoes.

Character Uenoyama

Ritsuka is demonstrated to be extremely overall quite minding to people around him, yet gets aggravated and would suddenly erupt on occasion. He additionally will in general be exceptionally drowsy in class and decays b-ball work on during breaks too to observe someplace to rest yet he is extremely persevering with respect to his band.


He started playing guitar in 6th grade when his father gave him his guitar and Ritsuka rehearsed around Yayoi. With admittance to music guides, he kept playing and paid attention to music CDs including the ‘Creative Monkeys’ the place where he became fixated on music and needed to take care of business.

By secondary school, he could play how he needed yet encountered his musicians leaving. At the time he observed that the more he honed his abilities the more his old fervor blurred yet kept on rehearsing alone in his room.

Story Uenoyama

Snoozing at school, Ritsuka decays the ball with his companions to track down a spot to rest. On a solitary hall he goes over Mafuyu and is welcomed to sit close to him, Ritsuka lays into the province of Mafuyu’s unkept guitar. Surrendering to Mafuyu’s need to have it fixed, Ritsuka foregoes his rest time to fix the messed-up strings. Tuning it, Ritsuka is then approached to show Mafuyu how to play it which comes to reverberate inside him.

At home, he is woken up by his sister and while heading to school recollects himself 1st learning guitar in grade six getting one from his father. He learned it and present it in class, as Mafuyu, felt dismal when his guitar strings broke. He observes Mafuyu dozing on the flight of stairs again and takes steps to guard his snoozing region. This view is tested when he sees Mafuyu’s face, yet Ritsuka rejects installment going from money to Yakisoba bread to show Mafuyu guitar, Ritsuka has never shown anybody however suggests the light music club.

The class reaches a conclusion however in spite of checking for any indications of him, Ritsuka I actually followed by Mafuyu. He can see Mafuyu’s unconvincing endeavors to stow away prior to surrendering and taking Mafuyu to the studio with him. There, Ritsuka presents the individuals from his band, drummer Akihiko Kaji and bassist Haruki Nakayama and they consent to exhibit their music playing to Mafuyu.


Ritsuka Uenoyama voices why he is strolling Mafuyu’s home, yet at the same time excuses the idea of showing him the guitar. He pulls Mafuyu away from a vehicle driving excessively close however finishes by exhorting him goes to the light music club.

At home, he orchestrates supper for him as well as his sister and asks what he resembled when he initially started playing and recollects Mafuyu’s looks. Playing ball at school, Ritsuka ends up pondering with regards to Mafuyu again and feeling regretful heads for the flight of stairs just to observe Mafuyu missing.

In his low-maintenance work at a general store, Ritsuka is called out by Akihiko for not acting naturally beyond a couple of days. Showing up at the studio he observes Haruki has been joined by Mafuyu and hears he had been to the light music club, just Ritsuka is cooler than that.

Joining Mafuyu on the flight of stairs, Ritsuka Uenoyama has yielded in showing him how to play the guitar. He lets Mafuyu know what model he has and how to tune many its become obvious he knows minimal with regards to it. In class, Ritsuka checks his telephone for direction on how best to instruct Mafuyu. At the studio, he inquires as to whether it approves of them to bring Mafuyu once more, and later observing Mafuyu by his storage welcomes him to come.

Declining b-ball With his Companions,

Rather Ritsuka takes the train with Mafuyu and tells him a greater amount of his band. Accompanying him to the studio, Ritsuka discloses how to work the guitar and shows him the harmony he played when testing Mafuyu’s guitar.

He showing proceeds yet Ritsuka Uenoyama is uncertain in case he is breaking through to Mafuyu. Alongside Haruki and Akihiko, they raise the common sense of acquiring low maintenance work that is useful when in a band. They examine it further at a café together where Ritsuka shares he works at a corner shop and a trucking organization.

Returning he asks Mafuyu how great at playing does he need to be. In class, understudies including Kasai ask about his unexpected new companionship with Mafuyu. Ritsuka rather joins Mafuyu and proceeds to show him where he notes he is a quick student.

His perceptions reach out to Mafuyu having a guitar a fledgling normally would not have and inquires as to whether it from Mafuyu’s father. Asking what Mafuyu’s cherished music or melody additionally does close to nothing to respond to Ritsuka’s inquiries. Ritsuka is struck by Mafuyu singing a melody from memory which brings about Ritsuka welcoming Mafuyu to join the band itself.

code. 1 Uenoyama

In class 2-10, Ritsuka Uenoyama lies head down around his work area prior to declining to proceed to get some bread with Itaya. He says he is languid and decreases the proposal to play b-ball also. Picking to skirt fifth period and rest, he basically requests that Itaya take notes for him.

code. 2

Expressing that Mafuyu is a beginner who doesn’t know anything, Ritsuka Uenoyama focuses on him under the feeling that Mafuyu is most likely expecting some sort of authentic performance.

As of now not worried for Akihiko and Haruki’s instigated trepidation on his part, Ritsuka essentially doesn’t mind any longer and is prepared to simply play like they typically do. He contributes that their joke is obsolete, asks Haruki what a lovely current guitar is prior to directing his concentration toward Mafuyu. Ritsuka demands a token of his name, and afterward, what does he need to pay attention to. Scowling that “something cool” is excessively expansive, Ritsuka all things considered starts playing his guitar at once giving a vigorous presentation with his band for Mafuyu.

code. 3 Uenoyama

Showing Mafuyu one on one, Ritsuka Uenoyama shows him the pieces. His guitar and prompts him to attempt to retain a few harmonies. Bunches of folks can’t recollect the harmonies and don’t comprehend this part well so he recommends Mafuyu puts forth a valiant effort to totally duplicate a tune beginning with the presentation then, at that point, move onto the stanza. Getting on that Mafuyu has just been concurring with him for some time, Ritsuka inquires as to whether he is truly paying attention to him. With a similar reaction, he shouts out in dissatisfaction uncertain in case Mafuyu is really getting any of this.

code. 4

In class, Ritsuka pummels his head in the work area. Diverting Shogo’s perception that he has been acting peculiar Ritsuka demands it is that person. Who is the bizarre one here? Saying he had inquired as to whether he needed to join his band. He reviews that Mafuyu declined the deal, and he simply doesn’t get why.

Irritated at Shogo’s idea that he didn’t anticipate that Mafuyu should turn him down. He ridicules battles him with a brush paying no psyche to Yasai who calls them out on this. Ritsuka considers he didn’t for sure figure Mafuyu would turn down. His deal however recollects how great Mafuyu’s voice was.

code. 5

In his room, Ritsuka Uenoyama rehearses his guitar and scrawls down changes. Concentrating he eliminates his earphones just when Yayoi crashes through. His entryway to let him know supper is ready.

Snoozing at his work area and not animated by Shogo, Ueki, or Kasai’s endeavors to wake him. He possibly shocks upstanding when called by Mafuyu who has come to track down him. Languidly he unsettles Mafuyu’s hair lets Shogo know that he is doing guitar today and ball tomorrow.

code. 6

Quietly staggering from what he has heard the news is compared to sound. Being mutilated like a CD out of nowhere being scratched with Ritsuka imagining Mafuyu glad and snickering.

He is similarly alarmed when Shogo shows up from no place to show a representation Ueki drew. Ritsuka’s consideration is stepped back to Kasai who is saying ‘sorry’ and he requests. While hearing it was only gossip they were dating yet it was valid Mafuyu’s companion kicked the bucket. He perceives the name Yuki as a similar one the kid who moved toward. Mafuyu shared and Ritsuka thinks about the thing is this unusual disgusting feeling.

code. 7

Subsequent to hearing Haruki perform on his low register guitar, Ritsuka speaks the truth regarding what he thinks; he prefers it better than anyone might have expected. Close by to Mafuyu he then, at that point. Out of nowhere adjusts on him enquiring as to whether he has been rehearsing appropriately. What the hell was that a little while ago and he goes similar to inquiring as to whether he even needs to do this.

His outrage escalates when Mafuyu guiltlessly answers what he does and is unconcerned with Haruki getting. His shoulder attempts to quiet him, Ritsuka yells at Mafuyu that he has not gained any headway. Whatsoever and has continued to rehash the equivalent mistake.

code. 8

Highly involved with drinking, he hacks in shock at Akihiko’s idea they essentially quit. Rehearsing seven days before the live occasion and ask what in the world he is saying. In the baseball similarity, Ritsuka sees Mafuyu’s acceptable guitar. Playing as a chance if they screw up a piece they will be out completely.

code. 9

Ritsuka has nodded off with his earphones on while considering. Upon the arrival of the show, he feels it would not benefit from outside intervention. That they should perform without a tune. Which is fine since they were an instrumental band in the first place at any rate. Yelling that it is on the grounds that they don’t have anything prepared. Ritsuka is stunned at Mafuyu snapping his guitar strings from holding them excessively hard.

code. 10 Uenoyama

To his amazement, Ritsuka Uenoyama is told by Haruki to get some new strings from the train station. He recollects Mafuyu finding out if he could fix his guitar and runs out on the double. Gaining the strings, Ritsuka feels that he is a dolt since. He was the person who told Mafuyu he ought to sing.

Showing up back, he asks a sad-looking Mafuyu in case it is alright. In the event that he fixes the strings. Keeping an eye on them, Ritsuka thinks about the heart resembling  A sort of string, that can sting in a similar. Way as a string extended across the chest and being destroyed. Once in a while, he figures it can’t be fixed any longer. However assuming there is somebody that can put another string on, would the injury not recuperate.

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