Top PS5 Wall Mount Summery And Installation Guide 2023

PS5 Wall Mount

It’s been a while since the PS5 Wall Mount was released. Finding one may be challenging, and those who are fortunate enough to get one struggle to mount the bulky console on an entertainment system. Several individuals are considering hanging their PS5 on the wall since some TV stands and settings were not designed for the size and style of the console. The method isn’t totally novel, and if carried out properly, it may result in an attractive configuration. Finding a perfect wall mount might be challenging, though. In light of this, we’ve gathered some of the top PS5 wall mounts available.

Wall Mount for the PS5 HIDEit PS5 HIDEit Wall Mount

With a flush design intended to fit up against a wall, maybe behind or near a television, HIDEit bills itself as the “original PS5 Wall Mount Kit.” The mount from HIDEit, on the other hand, enables more air to circulate between the console and the mount, keeping your PS5 cool while still making sure it is as secure as possible. This is what makes it distinct from other mounts.

Wall-mounted ALIENERGY PS5

In contrast to other PS5 wall mounts, which aim to make the console the focal point of a display, ALIENERGY’s wall mount accomplishes quite the opposite. It is designed to fit behind a TV or just near enough for no one to notice the console. After everything is said and done, this enables you to run cables behind your setup and may ultimately result in a cleaner and more fashionable appearance.


The PS5 wall mount from HANAMO includes a discrete mounting option for the console as well as a wall shelf for two DualSense controllers, a headset, and a TV remote. This might be the ideal choice for you if you don’t have a TV stand or just want to put all of your PlayStation accessories in one place.

PS5 wall mount from Hosanwell

Similar in principle to the HANAMO design, the Hosanwell 5-in-1 PS5 Wall Mount has an accessory mount built into the base of the mount rather than a separate mount. This amount is yet another excellent choice for individuals who may like to keep things neatly organized in one location. It features two controller mounts and a rack for a headset.

Mount for the PS5 by UPOK

Similar to several of the other alternatives on our list, the UPOK PS5 Wall Mount has an iron design. No matter how hefty the PS5 is, this mount will remain in place. Similar to previous mounts, this one has two places where DualSense controllers may be held, allowing you to keep everything together in a stable and supported package.

Wall Mount for the NexiGo RGB PS5

Last, but certainly not least, the NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount option provides something that no other mounts provide as of yet: lighting. A USB strip light for decorating and a remote control to change colors are included with this mount. With an accessory mount also included, this could be the greatest combination for someone who has a lot of RGB décor in their gaming area.

Which items are you going to pick up?

There aren’t precisely a lot of alternatives for wall mounts because finding a PS5 can still be challenging. The majority of wall mounts you’ll see in use today are variants of one or two designs, with a few distinctive options thrown in. The HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount, our top recommendation, is the greatest deal. It is a straightforward mount designed to keep your PS5 safe and out of sight while cooling it down.

Those wishing to purchase a mount that can hold additional accessories have a few alternatives. For instance, the HANAMO PS5 Wall Mount offers three distinct storage racks so you can keep everything as organized and neat as possible. Of course, if you want to go all out, you can choose NexiGo’s RBG illuminated option, which has an accessory mount and some extremely creative customization possibilities.

Whichever wall mount you decide on, you’ll probably be in excellent hands. You’re sure to discover the ideal wall mount eventually since more and more PS5 accessories are being released every day.

How to Choose the Best PS5 Wall Mounts in 2023

When the eagerly anticipated PS5 eventually launched late last year, gamers finally got what they wanted. Many gamers are particularly eager to see what the next-gen consoles have in store because the new PS5 has some of the finest hardware specifications of any device to date.

There are a few different ways a next-generation console may be positioned if you do own one. You may either put it horizontally on the ground or keep it standing up on its side in the shape of a tower. It will operate whatever you wish. You might want to really put your console to the wall in some circumstances, though. By doing this, you may safeguard your PS5 and remove it from the danger zone.

You will need a sturdy mount if you plan to mount your console. These screw into your wall and give you a shelf to put your console on. Using it, you can clear up room on your entertainment cabinet while protecting your pricey PS5.

There are several solutions available, but not many people are aware of them. If you have had limited exposure to them, it could be challenging to determine which ones are the greatest. Thank goodness, we’re here to assist you. We’re going to evaluate and contrast three PS5 wall mounts. We’ll examine the Toptay PS5 Wall Mount, the TotalMount Universal, and the HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle.

How Does a PS5 Console Mount Work?

But first, let’s discuss what a console mount is and why you ought to utilize one. A console mount becomes a shelf for your console and is installed on your wall. In contrast to a typical shelf, the console is directly linked to the mount, taking up less room and providing safe hanging on the wall. Consider a console mount for a variety of reasons. Only a handful of them is as follows.

Greater Room For Entertaining

The PS5 has a few features, one of which is its size, which is considerably greater than that of the previous generation of consoles. In your entertainment center, it takes up a lot of room as a result, especially if you also have other consoles, a stereo system, and other items. By mounting your PS5, you can clear up any extra space on your TV stand for organizing wires, controllers, and other accessories.

Improved Ventilation

The fact that your console sits low to the ground and doesn’t receive adequate airflow at the bottom is one issue with keeping it there or on a shelf. By allowing air to flow from the top and bottom, mounting your PS5 will increase its ventilation. Keeping your console higher can also prevent dust accumulation, which can block the vents and cause it to overheat.

Away From Children’s And Animals’ Reach

There’s a good chance that you’ve been concerned about your console occasionally if you have children or pets. However, kids aren’t exactly known for being extremely careful around pricey equipment. Your child unintentionally dropped it off the entertainment unit or. Spilling their orange juice on it is the last thing you want to happen. By mounting your console, you can prevent it from falling over. Being trodden on, or having anything dumped or spilled on it.

Organize cables

Your entertainment center will likely have a number of wires. That will become tangled if you have a lot of items there. Dealing with tangled connections may be immensely annoying. Consider all the times you’ve peered behind your TV and noticed the tangle of cords. Unsure of which one connected to which. The ideal solution to handle and arrange those cords is a console wall mount. It will be a lot simpler to trace cords so you know where things go if you mount it higher up.


The ease of mounting your PS5 is another benefit. Let’s say the outlet is not close enough to your entertainment center. You can gain a little additional room with a wall mount, allowing the wires to extend slightly. By mounting your console to the wall, you’ll also have fewer cords. To manage a neater aesthetic when you plug it into your wall-mounted TV.

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