The Importance of Specialized Loss Run Processing in Today’s Business Environment


Businesses want to mitigate risks of loss in the value chain at any cost, and the rapidly changing technology landscape brings newer compliance regulations for insurers. The shift to digital products and ease of access to customer insights are powerful sources of business intelligence for insurance carriers. What sets apart two competing insurance products is the seamless access to various policies and services that allow for credible customer interactions.

If you are seeking to overhaul your insurance practice with the necessary expertise, a specialized loss prevention strategy may be already in the works, if not, here is how you can outsource loss prevention to stay at the top.

What Is a Loss Run?

A loss run is a report that documents a business’s insurance claims history, similar to a credit score in the consumer finance world. It provides insurers with a clear picture of prior insurance claims, whether open or close and their financial impact. Loss runs are often necessary for the insurance application process, and if switching insurers, you may need to request a loss run from each company. Policyholders also should not order their loss runs without guidance from an agent, as it can lead to a lost relationship and cost them new business.

Handling an exceptional volume of claims requests at a high frequency requires even more human resources and infrastructure to process customer requests. Brokers of records can access loss runs online, but it can take days of back-and-forth to pull reports. A specialized process to handle all the intricacies of the insurance practice is thus a top priority to ensure enterprise agility in today’s competitive business landscape.

Major Challenge Faced by Today’s Insurance Carriers

The challenge modern insurers are alerted to is being able to cater to diverse consumer demands and maintain separate departments for business-specific tasks like customer services, account management, underwriting, claims management, administration, technical support, etc. This however, casts a heavy burden on resource allocation, increasing the chances of having to spend more to retain more. As a result, loss run processing services take the front stage to handle your internal and external workloads with flexibility and accessibility to resources on demand.

Outsource Loss Prevention to Stay at the Top of Your Insurance Practice

Creating a specialized loss prevention strategy and implementing the right practice management assure better adaptability to fluctuating financial markets. To harness the best talent and technology, insurance service providers must have a roadmap to process modernization in place.

Taking the assistance of insurance BPO services can hep insurance companies leverage the expertise required to handle voluminous corporate activity without having to incur the costs associated with rapid expansion. Outsourcing your loss prevention chores to an expert has numerous advantages.

Benefits of a Specialized Loss Run Processing Setup

The benefits of deploying specialized Loss Run processing are as follows:

Save Costs on Infrastructure

A specialized loss-run processing service is a fully managed function of your insurance practice that saves you the burden of hiring, training, and deploying resources to manage tasks.

Get Verified Reports

Get performance reviews that are essential to ensure accurate loss run reports are verified by the underwriter.

Get Technical Expertise

Loss-run processing professionals can quickly process reports on high-performing software, saving time and money.

Derive Business-Critical Insights

Professionals provide valuable insights into loss control and risk management, empowering your practice with improved market intel.

Accurately Assess Business Value

Professionals work closely with internal teams to accurately assess risk and manage an extensive knowledge library with ease and security.


By outsourcing your loss run processing functions to a business process partner, you save resources to invest in business expansion. Your insurance practice will derive key operational intelligence and capabilities to transform the way business works now, and for the future.


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