How to Play Live Roulette


Roulette has become one of the most played games in the online space and is also a game that is synonymous with land-based casinos. It is drenched in glitz and glamour and is the game that all casinos had in their most high-traffic, or entrance areas to set the tone for the establishment and transmit excitement to casino goers. This article describes exactly how you too can play this game. It is important for your enjoyment to know the rules, as well as the background of the game before you play.

What Is Roulette?

As mentioned, roulette has a lengthy history of association with the casino. The name Roulette means ‘small wheel’ in French and requires a ball to be placed on a spinning wheel. The position of the ball when the wheel stops is the winning number and color. A player can bet on a single number a series of numbers and adjacent numbers. Or, bets can be made on the color that the ball will land on. Lastly, a bet can be made on both the number and color. The ball spins in the opposite direction to the spinning direction of the wheel and it creates an immersive and enjoyable game. It has been noted as the game with the most excitement in the casino and is played worldwide and needs very little explanation or translation.

All the bets are against the house or bank and, as such, there are no side bets in this game.

Live Roulette Online

Just as the casino and all the variants and types of games moved online so too did the game of roulette. Online roulette was generally provided in the form of a 3D game that allowed for the spinning of the wheel and the placing of a bet. The latest developments have added a host or croupier at the table and the action is live-streamed. It’s now live, online roulette. You can select the host and the table and then you simply need to wait for the game to start and the wheel to be spun.

Choose an Appropriate Platform

A great example and way to learn the game is to play live roulette at, which has many different versions, minimum bets at different tables, and a range of betting options. They have specialized in the genre and as such will have a table and host to suit all tastes.

Look for Seamless Streaming

Ensure that the platform has no glitches in streaming and that you can seamlessly access the games.

Live roulette has become a bit of an online trend and it is advised as noted above, to look for a platform that specializes in the live game. It will have a variety of games that will be streamed at different times, meaning that you don’t ever have to wait long periods for the game to start.

One of the advantages of live roulette is that it is a super immersive game and regardless of whether there are any other people at the table, the live host adds a level of interaction that is beyond reproach.

Online casino has become one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the online space and with this growth, we have also seen the growth and introduction of live games. Live roulette has been one of the most popular versions of live casino games. These tips should help you to play live online roulette with a little more background knowledge and insight as to the game itself.

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