Everything about the Stardew Valley Earthquake

stardew valley earthquake
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Stardew Valley is a virtual RPG game where you have inherited your grandfather’s old plot of land. In the game, you are supposed to work on the plot as a successor of your grandfather. You set out on this journey with a set of previously used tools and a few coins. Here are some activities you can take on as a farmer, including planting crops, breeding various farm animals, and even fishing.

This game has many random events that many times leave users confused. Events like meteor showers, unknown capsules, and creepy witches are what confuse them. The Stardew Valley earthquake is another random phenomenon in this game, but there is no need to fret when this happens. This article will make the entire spectacle of the matter clear to you.

This event does not happen quite often; however, every user goes through this event at least once. It could also be one of the first events happening to you as a fresh user.

When Exactly Does the Calamity Take Place in Stardew Valley?

Speaking of when exactly do users experience this quake in the game? It happens precisely on the third day of the first year’s summer. Since this phenomenon occurs at night, users receive a ping in the morning stating that an earthquake has struck their village while sleeping.

Your character will continue to sleep during this event since it passes through the game’s nighttime. Therefore, you don’t have to fret about running away from natural disasters during the day.

Where Does the Calamity Take Place?

To experience the Stardew Valley earthquake, you must keep moving north. Move towards the north of your home and from there, towards the north of the mountains.

Does It Affect Your Crops in Any Way?

Fortunately, this earthquake does not negatively impact your crops or damage them. So you don’t have to worry about losing all the previous progress you have worked hard for. But beware, the meteorite event is not as forgiving and can damage or impact your crops. It takes place in the summer, so you must be prepared for it.

Does It Affect Your Buildings?

In contrast to actual life earthquakes, the earthquakes in Stardew Valley do not damage buildings or affect them in any way. It is usual for all the new players to be worried about their facilities when the calamity hits for the first time. But it doesn’t do any such thing. All of your buildings will be safe and remain unaffected.

What Is the Purpose of the Earthquake?

One of the most asked queries about this game is regarding the purpose of the quake. What most people wonder about is what it does and how it affects the game.

The answer is that they are advantageous and have many benefits. As mentioned before, once a quake hits, new locations on the map are unlocked and accessible to the players. The Railroad opens up on your map after the quake.

The earthquake opens up an obstructed path by crushing a boulder in the mountains, which generally wouldn’t let you pass through.


The earthquake event is a part of many random events in this game. It is not as harmful as it sounds. It has many positive effects, like the opening of new paths. So players should not worry.

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