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Since 5.3 will be Zenos ffxiv coming out soon I needed to at last toss one of my speculations out there before we discover anything. this is a hypothesis I’ve had fermenting in my skull since stories from the shadows came out and I’m not awesome with clarifying so BEAR WITH ME. this struggles with Another hypothesis which I will make an alternate post for however we will disregard that one for the second for this contention.

Hythlodaeus, Hades, and our antiquated WoL are everything except affirmed to have been an extremely dear companion bunch, with Hades being on the meeting and us being intensely suggested to have been sooner or later past to the principal disaster. Hythlodaeus totally remembers us, being another individual in an antiquated society that we are aware of to have could not just see spirits and their tone like Hades, however, perceive who it was by embodiment and shape. What might take Hades a little while to interpret a spirit as we’ve seen with Y’shtola, Hythlodaeus could presumably achieve in the range of a couple of moments.

There are Two Characters in FF12 That are of Interest Zenos ffxiv

Venat, whose FFXIV comparable is essentially the first Minfilia, and mother Hydaelyn, an individual from the Occuria (FF12’s divine beings/incredible amazing creatures) whose goal’s identity was’ to return the force of destiny to the hands of humans and out of the hands of the Occurs, and Vayne; child of the ruler. A little origin story on Zenos ffxiv Venat is that they (the Occuria are genderless) loathe what the remainder of the Occuria are doing by attempting to control and shape the historical backdrop of humans (well where have we seen that previously).

We’ve seen Magicite previously and what it can do in the Ivalice assault questline, with Magicite being the principal type and Auracite and Nethicite being subtypes.

Thus Zenos ffxiv

Vent gives this information on making Nethicite to the Arcadians (the domain that Vayne is a piece of and the following in line too) to topple the relatives of Raithwall, the Zenos ffxiv principal dynasty ruler (whose relative is princess Ashe, a party part in the game) since the occurs fundamentally made the job of dynast lord and who became it as an approach to control history.

In Order to How this Identifies With Zenos ffxiv and his Destiny, Taking this Passage from the Wiki:

“Venat goes with Vayne on board the Bahamut. The party defies Vayne during a fight between the Empire and the Resistance, Vayne utilizing the force of ethnicity to become Vayne Novus. With Vayne mortally injured by Gabranth, Vaan endeavors to kill him, yet Venat ensures Vayne as he staggers out onto the superstructure of the Bahamut’s Mist gun. Saying ‘sorry’ to Venat for his inability to achieve their objectives, Venat solaces Vayne that his activities and the Sun-Cryst’s annihilation have finished the Age of Stones and the Occuria’s impact over Ivalice.

Vent reveals to Vayne he will not confront passing alone, dissolving into wisps of Mist that change Vayne into the Undying. Presently there are truly a couple of openings in this hypothesis; like how did Zenos ffxiv perceive this figure’s soul tone? What’s more, for what reason does the white-robed figure have a similar face model and voice entertainer as Asahi?

Last Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Last Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[a] is the subsequent extension pack to Zenos ffxiv: A Realm Reborn, a hugely multiplayer online pretending game (MMORPG) created and distributed by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and PlayStation 4. As for its archetype, Naoki Yoshida filled in as chief and maker and Masayoshi Soken created the soundtrack, with Nobuo Uematsu contributing the signature melody.

An uncommon update crusade permitted influenced players to acquire the PlayStation 4 form for nothing.

Stormblood marks a change in the continuous struggle with the Garlean Empire. Players lead uprisings in the magnificent areas of Ala Mhigo, an Eorzean city-state vanquished twenty years prior, and Doma, a Far Eastern country with a glad ninja custom. Voyaging these different grounds, players unite with the Ala Mhigan Resistance and the ousted Crown Prince of Doma.

As Well as Adding new Regions

The development pack builds the level cap, adds two new person classes, redoes. The fights framework for existing battle classes and presents swimming interactivity. Stormblood was generally welcomed upon discharge and procured assignments for “Extension of the Year”. In August 2017, Square Enix reported that the title had arrived at a total complete of 10 million accounts.[1]

As with its archetypes, significant substance patches were booked for at regular intervals. The first—”The Legend Returns”— was delivered on October 10, 2017, and debuts. A storyline composed by Yasumi Matsuno that includes his particular Ivalice setting. Just as an uncommon “Extreme” trouble fight, intended to be the most difficult substance in the game.


The interactivity and mission construction of Stormblood generally match that of its base game. Similarly, as with numerous MMORPGs, players collaborate with one another in a determined world that reacts to their activities. A Zenos ffxiv sensational upgrade of the fight framework goes with the level cap increment to even out 70.[2] The progressions fall into three general categories.[3] First, fight capacities were updated to wipe out repetitive activities and work on the progression of battle.

Second, another arrangement of “job activities” guarantees that everything players. Can get to basic capacities to their job—tank, healer, or harm seller. At long last, all classes acquired “Some work Gauge” that shows all class-important data. An all the more outwardly unmistakable way.[3][4] Two new position classes were Zenos ffxiv presented also—the katana-employing Samurai. The flexible Red Mage, both harm managing classes.[5] These positions start at level 50 with their own storylines associated with the new settings. In contrast to Heavensward, they are open to any player with a level 50 class, paying little mind to story progress.[5]

Notwithstanding new Prisons and Strikes

Stormblood presents another player versus player (PvP) mode called Rival Wings. Two groups of 24 players go head to head in troll-run war games Zenos ffxiv. Focuses are procured by obliterating contradicting bases and robot flunkies. Players can call down and pilot goliath mecha subsequent to accomplishing certain destinations. The mode has been contrasted with multiplayer online fight field (MOBA) games.[6]


Stormblood happens in the anecdotal universe of Hydaelyn, a planet loaded. Up with numerous conditions and environments covering three huge landmasses. This Zenos ffxiv extension centers around the Garlean majestic regions of Ala Mhigo and Doma. Ala Mhigo is a city-state in Gyr Albania, the easternmost piece of Eorzea. The area wherein a significant part of the game has occurred.

As it contains a land extension to different landmasses. This locale holds vital significance to Eorzea as a cradle state. Gaius van Baelsar, the legatus who drove the intrusion. Ala Mhigo from the remainder of Eorzea and stuck around for his chance.

Gaius Likewise Settled the Skulls

An unpredictable unit made out of Ala Mhigan young people who yearn for Garlean citizenship. Following van Baelsar’s loss on account of the player in A Realm Reborn, the new Garlean Emperor Varis zos Galvus instates his child Zenos ffxiv yae Galvus as supreme emissary. Zenos, an especially unforgiving and perverted dictator, remains as opposed to van Baelsar’s somewhat meritocratic standard. Zenos’ bloodlust drives him to look for and kill commendable rivals for sport.

Doma is a country on the opposite side of the world. When home to a pleasing hero realm, the magnificent occupation. Has driven its Crown Prince, Hien, into stowing away and its kin to surrender. Upon his arrangement as Ala Mhigan emissary. Zenos ffxiv advanced his lieutenant, Yotsuyu, a Doman turncoat, to acting emissary. The engineers put together Doma with respect to the way of life of antiquated China and Japan.[12][13]

The Azim Steppe Zenos ffxiv

Which misleads the north of Doma, is the home of endless clans of traveling Au Ra. The clans hold a yearly Naadam to figure out which one will fill in as leader of the steppe. The year, in view of the Mongolian celebration of the equivalent name.[12][13] The island country of Higashi lies across the Ruby Sea from Doma. A noninterventionist country, Higashi has just opened the port of Kugane to the unfamiliar. Exchange and doesn’t, in any case, include itself with foreign relations.

Higashi and Kugane are pastiches of Edo-time Japan and Nagasaki, respectively.[12] The Zenos ffxiv Ruby Sea is home to the turtle-like Kojin clans just as the Confederacy. A privateer association that controls an offering to “ensure” ships that pass through their waters. Of the four countries of the Eorzean Alliance—Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and Ishgard—just Ul’dah assumes.

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