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The world after the fall chapter 15

In the world after the fall chapter 15, Kongo is shown smiling profusely and waving the swords in his hands, and circling the manor. Be quiet menu started to close his eyes and lowered his eyes. It seemed as if he had finished everything. But it was very dark in the forest where the assassins were hiding. When he started to make his face as if he fought with an enemy.

Mino’s hands moved as the three men jumped at the her – The world after the fall chapter 15

The movements were so quick that they weren’t indeed visible. The three men banning Kanghun shook violently as if they had been struck with lightning and fell. There were daggers in each of their cases. Kanghun’s face turned grim. Oh, I’m sorry. I may have thrown them too hard because I’m pissed.

The menu smiled but his words became more vicious – The world after the fall chapter 15

I failed on soliciting the monster. this mate wo not cooperate. and the Spirit Weapon is in some fool’s hands. so everything is working out. not so pleasantly. till, Please visit Freemen. If you want to read further chapters. c0m to witness faster update speed.

Kanghun felt his heart drop as he heard the woman’s portentous words. Kanghun felt his heart drop as he heard the woman’s portentous words. Why don’t you return that brand to the proprietor?

What if I won’t? explanation

It’s bad to have similar armament that’s not suited for your position. You’ll face trouble.

This armament fits me better than that fool. You suppose so? also I guess I’ve no choice. Mino took off her black blankets and revealed her dark covert cloth. Within her cloth, seven daggers came out to float by themselves in the air. You’ll now face trouble.

Kanghun looked at her for an alternate and answered plaintively. Right. you were the Witch of Massacre.

Huh? Did you know? 

How can I not know? You allured all those monsters so fluently. Only a fool would not know. Kanghun answered as he gritted his teeth. Mino slighted her forepart and grunted, Dammit. The leader will lecture me again. Also, a vicious air of energy began radiating from within her. Mino, who was posing as No-Adapter was now exploding with Spirit Power only a high-position appendage could use. So, it’s true that Cutthroats from the Dark Forest can control their Spirit Power. You know a lot for being a grunt.

Who asked for the job?

Who cares? You guys killed so numerous-Adapters that there are so numerous who want you guys to die. What, there’s no way Dark Forest would work for similar. Also, Kanghun sounded to have realized the commodity and asked,  to stay – the job. Was it a particular request?

Why would it count? 

Still, you can’t fight us, If that’s the case. Witch. What? Mino also felt commodity changing in the surroundings. The timbers around had been suspicious for a while because she felt a lot of Spirit Powers. But it was distant and wasn’t far from the vill so she didn’t suppose it was anything serious. There was the possibility that they were nimrods going out on a night quest, but they were all gathering in one place. Mino’s face turned pale. She flashed back to Kanghun transferring the runner raspberry.

Do you suppose I didn’t ask for mounts when I have the Witch from the Dark Forest and a man who killed a bighorn with one attack? Well, I would not have asked for this important if I knew I would get my hands on this Spirit Weapon so fluently.

Shadowy numbers began showing themselves above the timber. There were a lot of them. utmost were at least 1st stage appendages while some were in the 2nd stage. And among them was someone who Mino wasn’t sure if she could with a one-on-one fight. It was a man with a black cape and a hood.

Black Fox. you’re then too. Witch of Massacre. You’re that wearied? Suppose of it as an honor. that half of the Red Fox gathered just to kill you. Klant the Black Fox. He was notorious around the region for being an important 3rd stage appendage and the Clan Master of the Red Fox Clan. This is so freaking great. She spoke but the situation was dire. Mino counted the figures of the adversaries and asked without looking back.

Hey, memory- loss. Oh, stay, the Strong of the Depth. Are you there? 

The voice came from before. Yes. I know it’s a bit late but I’m sorry. I just wanted to make it look like the Red Fox had been killed by the Strong of the Depth. I know. You did? Mino answered in surprise and Jaehwan repeated what he learned in an impassive voice. Furrow. Red Fox, I was staying for you. I’m the Strong of the Depth who has come to discipline you. So you learned it all but didn’t do it? I might have used it if it was more articulated. Mino beamed. Haha, I see. Well, I’m sorry I forced it on you. Mino smiled but her voice came serious.

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