Work Productivity: How to Increase Productivity In the Workplace 2021


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how to increase prductivity in the workplace

Two-thirds of small businesses cease operations within a decade of starting out. That’s not exactly music to the ears of any entrepreneurs out there! It just goes to show that business is by no means easy. To succeed, organizations must do everything in their power to come out on top. Many factors go into making that happen. Yet maximizing productivity is central to the endeavor. After all, doing more of the right things each day is a sure-fire way to see better results! Have you been wondering how to increase productivity in the workplace? Well, we’ve got good news. There are all sorts of tools, techniques, and tactics that you can use to do it.

Keep reading to discover exactly how to increase workplace productivity.

Audit the Working Day

Making improvements in any area of life is easier when you understand the current situation. It’s empowering! You shed assumptions and rid yourself of ignorance.

You can then take sensible steps to better the situation.

The same goes for improving productivity. Start by auditing your current working day to figure out how much time you (or your employees) spend on typical tasks.

From there, you can work on being more efficient. For example, you might find that you spend two hours a day answering emails, which takes away from your core responsibilities. Knowing this, you could then work on cutting that time down, allowing you to re-allocate it elsewhere.

Cut Down (Or Cut Out) Meetings

Typical workplace meetings are kryptonite to productivity! They take up endless amounts of time and, even worse, are well-known to deliver no tangible outcomes.

We recommend that all organizations try to reduce both the number of meetings each day, as well as the duration of the ones you hold. People will end up spending more time doing their actual work, which naturally improves productivity in the process!

Do you find meetings particularly helpful and feel reluctant to cut them out? Well, mixing things up a bit could have equally positive effects.

For example, many companies have introduced seven-minute meetings to their days. They’re done standing up (no sitting allowed!) and have a hard-cap on seven minutes. Everything has to be done and dusted in that time.

Distribute Tasks (Delegate)

Delegation is another core component of maximizing personal productivity.

Basically, having too much to do can stifle your output. More importantly, it gives employees who have less on their to-do list a chance to help out. They can do the work, allowing you to turn your attention elsewhere.

You might also find that it empowers employees as well. A certain pride comes with newfound responsibilities. That can lead to confidence and a willingness to work harder.

Invest in Quality Equipment and Software

We know, a quality workman never blames their tools. Let’s face it, though, the equipment and technology with which you work do make a difference.

Even the most conscientious worker can’t do their job properly if their computer’s slow, or they can’t block a website on chrome that’s causing the device to crash. If you want to boost productivity, then, it’s vital that you invest in the tools to make it possible.

In the same way that old and outdated gear can stifle productivity, modern replacements can drive it to new heights. Whether you’re investing in a new CRM, collaboration tools, or apps to facilitate communication, you’re sure to see positive results.

Step Away From the Desk

Breaks have a bad rep in busy organizations.

With lots to do and little time to do it, it’s tempting to work non-stop throughout the day. In some places, that mentality might even be encouraged by the managers.

The irony is that it makes many people less productive! Far from getting more done, employees actually do less throughout the day.

Which sort of makes sense. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! But it also makes him tired, irritable, and unfocused. Taking short and regular breaks stops that from happening.

You’re able to focus better when you’re at the desk, getting more done overall.

Take Away Mobile Phones (And Other Distractions)

Want another way to improve peoples’ level of focus in the workplace?

Have them put their phones away! Seriously, trying to do anything is far harder when you’re surrounded by distractions. And mobiles are designed to be as distracting as possible!

They light up, make noises, and do everything they can to convince you to check them. Putting them in a designated place in the office should restore peoples’ attention to the task at hand.

Make sure you get everybody’s buy-in here though. Making these kinds of ‘totalitarian’ decisions on behalf of people can foster resentment. Let that rise too high and they may be less inclined to work as hard.

Hone Your Recruit Strategy

A bad apple spoils the bunch, right? That age-old saying applies perfectly to the people in your team.

All it takes is one person with a bad attitude to impact the results of everyone else. Whether they stir up conflict, lower morale somehow, or actively sabotage the team’s efforts, they’re a recipe for diminished productivity.

If you’ve got a bad track record for hiring these ‘bad apples’, then take a look at your hiring processes. There might be underlying flaws that are making it harder to pick the right people for the job. Turn that around and productivity-levels should spike as a natural outcome.

Exactly How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Workplace productivity is a key element in facilitating business success. Only by making the most of the time in the day can you maximize outcomes and drive results.

Unfortunately, knowing how to do it can be easier said than done!

Hopefully, though, the tips in this post have demonstrated exactly how to increase productivity in the workplace. Want to read more articles like this one? Browse through the business section of the website now.

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