How Can Technology Add Safety & Value to Your Kitchen Space?


Kitchen Space

If you prefer utility, beauty, and good aesthetics, chances are you will want a pleasant and useful kitchen setup. Different homeowners have their individual ways of accomplishing this. But not everyone thinks that technology can be a way to make your kitchen space appear not just attractive but also safe and functional. 


Safety is one of the core aspects of a perfect kitchen space. Considering the kitchen accidents that have been taking place around the globe, homeowners must focus on security as well. Today, advanced technologies and kitchen devices have emerged to enhance safety in both commercial and residential kitchens.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen space? If yes, you can add the best appliances that are high on technology to ensure you have a modern-day setup. In this article, we will touch upon ways in which new-age technology can help to improve kitchen safety and add value to the entire space.

The Advanced Kitchen Technologies to Count On

Homeowners get confused about the type of appliances they should select for utmost kitchen safety. If you resonate with this, you can choose from the following options:

Smart Refrigerators

A few people might think it is rather an odd idea. However, if you think clearly, a smart fridge ensures both kitchen and home safety. It can effectively monitor all that you place inside it and enable you to know about food expiration. It can also be directly connected with food delivery services and help you order groceries using the fridge door.

Another striking and intelligent feature of this refrigerator is that it has fewer electrical requirements. The fridge model in the 1980s used to take up a massive 1,278 kilowatt-hours annually. The refrigerators that are manufactured today use a maximum of 498 kilowatt-hours annually. 

Additionally, it comes with extra storage as well. Back in the 1980s, the fridge offered close to 19.6 cubic feet of storage. Today, the latest models provide 21.9 cubic feet of storage.

Furthermore, the recent models comprise dynamic power controls that reduce the use of energy at peak times in the day. It doesn’t harm food safety. However, it does add to your savings, as you have low energy bills. All these controls work effectively with your home automation system to enhance home safety and save money.

Electric Pressure Cooker

If you want to save time while cooking, it is essential to choose an electric pressure cooker. Another major advantage is that it is highly energy-effective. That means the heat remains inside the pot, which is an advantage during the summer months when it’s necessary to keep your kitchen cool.

Since electric pressure cookers are free from the rattling and hissing valve on the top, it is hassle-free. However, you need to be careful about an exploding pressure cooker because of its faulty parts, for instance, broken gaskets, malfunctioning vents, and overfilled buckets. It can lead to extreme burns, scars, traumatic brain injuries, blindness, and many more.

TorHoerman Law states that if you face any pressure cooker explosion while cooking because of defective parts, it is essential to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. It’s best to contact a lawyer to get this done so that they can guide you on how to go ahead with the claims process. 

Furthermore, you can submit all the necessary evidence, such as explosion pictures and medical documents, for them to develop a solid case to attain the compensation you deserve.

Advanced Sensors and Thermometers

The updated kitchen technology has enhanced the thermometer and sensor tools. You could be cooking in the restaurant kitchen or at home. The thermometer allows you to assess the food that gets cooked at a secure temperature. The new-age thermometers range from digital to bimetal thermistors, glass columns, digital thermocouples, and infrared.

The recent designs that are available offer improved durability and fast, precise reading within six to eight seconds. A few readings are done within two seconds. That aside, the latest designs are simple to clean, and they can also assess the food temperature to make sure the correct reading is attained for killing germs and bacteria.

Home Automation

Residential kitchen spaces are safe with home automation technology. It enables you to automate the window and door locks, lights, interior temperature settings, oven, and coffeemaker. 

The majority of automation providers come with monthly plans that include alarm monitoring. It indicates you can utilize the same system that manages your residential home security system, from remotely switching on the kitchen lights to making coffee in the morning.

In conclusion, homeowners should search for opportunities to add the latest technological offerings to their kitchen space to make it safe and utility-oriented. A kitchen renovation is an ideal time to add innovative appliances that will ensure your kitchen is updated with the latest tech offerings, which will help you save time while cooking. It will also make your kitchen space safe and organized.  

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