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Incorporating social media into your online marketing strategy is a good move. However, with time, you’ll find that it’s not so easy managing all these social media profiles and engaging with multiple clients simultaneously. You’ll also realize that you’re missing one crucial aspect of a social media campaign, and that’s the metrics. Fortunately, social media monitoring services enable you to keep track of everything important in your social media accounts. They help you keep track of conversations, keywords, brand mentions, and even the current social media trends. The information you get from these services is vital to growing your brand and attracting a larger customer base.

In this piece, we’ll look at some of the best media monitoring services you should consider for your business. That way, you can keep track of all the necessary information on social media to propel your company to greater heights.

Best Media Monitoring Services for Businesses and Brand

Before we get to the services, it’s a good idea to first differentiate between social media monitoring and listening. Though somewhat inter-related, social media monitoring and listening denote totally different things.

Social media monitoring centers on gathering information and data collection. Listening, on the other hand, is all about doing actual data analysis and coming up with actual policies to improve the business.

Here are the best media monitoring apps you should consider:-

1. Digimind

Digimind uses complex algorithms to gauge customers’ emotional perceptions of your business. With Digimind, you can tell whether consumers were angry, happy, or elated with something you posted or any new developments.

You can use it to gauge your business’s emotional value to customers and how it compares to its rivals. That way, you can tell whether you’re making the right business moves and adjust accordingly to beat the competition.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout-Social is pretty popular among small businesses for all the right reasons. Sprout-Social gives you the tools to enhance your customer engagement for your company’s benefit. It’s the ultimate all-in-one social media management tool with tools for listening and even allows you to post on your social media directly through the dashboard.

3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is ideal for your Facebook profile, with tons of tools for analyzing individual posts and other useful analytical tools. It’s able to analyze which content attracts most visitors so you can focus on it.

Furthermore, it can even tell you the best day to post specific content and how to tweak your content to be more effective. Buzzsumo goes hand-in-hand with Sprout-Social for the ultimate social media strategy.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is great for social media management, monitoring, and listening too. It’s pretty versatile and covers platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to WordPress, and Google Plus.

With HootSuite, you can monitor search items in real-time to gauge your brand’s performance. You can also get weekly reports to do the same. These reports will include information on stuff like your brand mentions, keyword mentions, and the likes.

It has excellent social media management capability with a team management function that’s ideal if more than one person manages your social media accounts. With this function, you can send private messages, assign specific roles, and share everything with your team.

5. TweetReach

Unlike Hootsuite, Tweet Reach only covers Twitter but is still a useful social media monitoring service. Tweet Reach allows you to know how many people see your tweets. From this, you can understand the impact of social media on business endeavors.

You can also isolate your most influential followers and leverage them to your advantage. In doing so, you can clamp down on the right tweeps, so your twitter campaign can yield the desired results.

While you’re at it, you can check how to download twitter videos and share this information with your followers. Post a couple of videos and let your followers save them to show them to close friends and family.

6. SumAll

SumAll covers multiple platforms and is a tool that shows you crucial social media statistics. They show how your social media accounts perform and how they correlate with each other.

There’s a bit of a learning curve before you completely understand how it works. However, the daily updates you receive on your email summarizes all the important stuff. It also compares stats from the previous week with the current stats so you can act accordingly.

7. Mention

As the name suggests, Mention is all about your brand mentions. It monitors sources in the millions and is compatible with over 42 different languages. It doesn’t just track mentions on social media only; Mention also monitors news, blogs, websites, and even forums for your brand’s mention.

With Mention, you can generate comprehensive reports on important metrics. It also allows you to share relevant information with your team and even assign tasks to specific members. From these stats and reports, you can know the platforms and regions where your company is making waves.

8. Keyhole

Keyhole is exclusively for Instagram and Twitter. It gives you insights into the prevalence of keywords, hashtags, usernames, and the likes. The service uses special Geodata heatmaps to show regional customer engagement.

You can use the metrics to refine your online marketing strategy and check the effectiveness of each move you undertake from the heatmaps.

9. Klout

klout has a lot of mixed reviews, with a chunk of good reviews coupled with some not-so-good reviews. klout gives you a score for your social media engagement with customers. The accuracy of the scoring system is what has made many folks give klout the thumbs down.

Social Media Monitoring Is Crucial for Your Online Marketing

Companies that adopt media monitoring services in their online marketing campaigns refine their strategy for better business. Remember, it’s best to use a combination of these services for the greatest effect. While some of these services are free, you’ll have to pay for most of them.

Finally, remember to move up to enterprise-standard monitoring services once you scale up your business. For more insightful reads, have a look at other pieces.

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