3 Tips on Using Graphic Design for Digital Marketing

When we hear information, studies show that we’ll remember 10 percent of it three days later. But, if a powerful image or graphic flows with the information, we’ll remember 65 percent. This is one example of the power that design in marketing holds. If you’re a digital marketer, using the graphic design is key to your campaign’s success. How can you use graphic design to your benefit? This article can help.

Read on for the top tips and ideas for design in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Follow Basic Color Rules

As humans, we are visual learners. When designing for your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to follow basic color rules to enhance your visuals. Color can help set the tone, create a mood, or portray a feeling through design.

This is one of the top benefits of graphic design; it can incite emotion. It’s important that the colors you use in your digital design line up with your brand’s tone of voice and messaging style. Before designing anything, be sure to understand basic color theory and the universal significance of each color.

By studying primary, secondary, and tertiary color schemes, you can understand the best way to design with harmony. By learning the underlying significance of each color, you can better understand the messaging your design may give off.

2. Make Wise Typography Choices

Typography, while often overlooked, is one of the most important aspects of any good design. When you make wise typography choices, text can execute incredible infographic ideas, long copy, and more in a beautiful way.

The font you choose should remain consistent with branding and complement other aspects of your design. Be sure that the typography you choose reflects the tone and is easy to read on a digital platform. It’s also important that your design has no more than three font styles.

For a simple contrast of fonts, you may consider choosing a regular and bold style to work together. This can add depth to your design without distracting the viewer. You must also consider the placement of the copy and how the eye will naturally follow the lines of text.

3. Make an Outline

Any design, whether digital or print, should follow some form of design hierarchy. This allows the most important elements to stand out.

The logo and headline of your design should always be visible and bold. Next, you should focus on the accompanying artwork or photo. Then, you should place the call to action and lines of copy.

Following this outline can ensure that your design flows and looks appealing. This hierarchy can also ensure that the design is simple, clean, and best understood. Be sure to consider how your design can live in the space on websites and other digital platforms.

Using Graphic Design for Powerful Digital Marketing

When done right, using graphic design in digital marketing can offer incredible results. To harness this power, you should plan your outline, follow basic color theory, and make wise typography choices.

By following these simple rules, you can ensure that the design promotes your product, service, or brand to the fullest extent. This will allow viewers to best understand your message and take action.

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